Programmatic Online Video Advertising

What is Programmatic Online Video Advertising?

Online Video advertising consists of video ads that run on websites or inside apps. Online Video advertising is not to be confused with OTT/CTV (which is considered TV content with the use of internet streamed to devices). A good example of online video advertising is going on to a news website, say Before being able to watch a video on their site, they will show you a :15 or :30 advertisement. 

This would be Online Video Advertising, and more specifically pre-roll video. Other types are mid-roll and post roll, which refers to where they happen in the video. There is also another type called autoplay ads, which can play on the loading of a website or when you scroll to a certain point.

Types of Programmatic Online
Video Advertising We Serve

:15 Non-Skippable
and skippable
in-stream ads

These ads can appear pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll
on desired video

:30 Non-Skippable
and skippable
in-stream ads

These ads can appear pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll
on desired video

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Why Should I Use Programmatic Online Video Advertising?

Video advertisements are more memorable, more engaging, and explain your product better than display advertisements. When used simultaneously, you can extend your reach even further. With online video advertising, you are able to reach your desired audience at home or on the go. Users can be searching for things at all hours of the day and with their use of their mobile device, any place! Online video advertising offers similar audiences compared to display but in a more engaging way.

Online video advertising is a cheaper and easier to change option than CTV/OTT advertising, while still extending reach. While they are constantly adding more audience options for CTV/OTT, it is not at the level of online video. More audience options (3rd party included) means more chances of the exact audience you want to see your ads. Sometimes when working with CTV/OTT buys it can take until your contract or IO runs out to change targeting. With online video you are able to change your audience on the fly without having to resign a contact or IO. Online video is also a great way to supplement your CTV/OTT buy and gain even more reach.

Where Will My Ad Show?

Since there are millions and millions of sites your ad can be run on, inventory packages are usually used to exclude some websites. Some popular packages are Sports Package, High Viewability, and News.

In some use cases, a whitelist can also be used, meaning only showing your ad on the websites of your choosing. Keep in mind that a small whitelist of sites usually means you will limit your ability to reach your audience. 

Related to a whitelist, is a blacklist, these are sites you do not want your ad to run on. Almost all DPSs do a good job of not letting your content run on suggestive sites (unless appropriate) but there are still a lot of sites you wouldn’t want to run on. For example, let’s say you are a senior living community and want to show your video to senior citizens or soon to be senior citizens. You probably do not want to run on as that is a site usually used by younger aged people. When running on an inventory package, it is always important to have a blacklist attached (when running a whitelist campaign is it unnecessary to have a blacklist). 


Programmatic Online Video Advertising FAQ's:

Yes! You can choose what type (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, auto play). When ran with no restriction, most inventory is in the pre-roll category.

CPMs can range greatly but we’ve seen some great results in the $6-20 range. How broad or specific your targeting is dictates the CPM though.

Some of the most common KPIs with online video advertising are (but not limited to): completed views, completion rate, clicks, and conversions.

Programmatic Online Video Advertising Case Study

Goal: Reach maximum Awareness

The Law Brothers have been entering new markets on TV in 2023 and we supplemented these campaigns by running programatic online video campaigns (as well as others digital campaigns). Our goal was to get the most views possible with our online video campaigns. 

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