What is CTV and OTT Advertising?

Simply put, CTV and OTT is the way we show video commercials to people who are streaming content not on traditional cable. Think of apps such as Hulu App, ESPN App, Prime Video App, YouTubeTV, Pluto, and many more. CTV and OTT are closely related and often used interchangeably by advertisers although, they are different. 

Connected TV, or CTV, acts as a link between digital viewers and OTT content, making it possible for viewers to consume content on Televisions like smart TVs, gaming consoles, Roku sticks, Amazon Fire Sticks, and more. Think of CTV as the device on which your ad will be shown, which is televisions.

Over-the-Top, or OTT, refers to delivering video content through the internet. Think of OTT as a way for content providers to bring media directly to users via the internet. It’s a service that streams video to any device, bypassing the need for conventional cable or satellite TV.

For instance, when viewers watch streaming OTT content on their mobile devices, like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, they’re engaging with OTT content. However, when the same content is viewed on a TV using Roku, AppleTV, or Playstation, it’s accessed through CTV. This scenario presents both CTV and OTT advertising to the user.

Types of Advertising
with CTV and OTT

:15 Non-Skippable
in-stream ads

These ads can appear pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll
on desired video

:30 Non-Skippable
in-stream ads

These ads can appear pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll
on desired video

Between Episode ads

(Includes pause screens and end cards)

These ads can appear between episodes, if someone
pauses the content, as well as at the end of the program.

Non-video ads

(Display, overlay, onscreen and banner ads )

These ads can appear on the screen while viewers are browsing through menus, searching for content, or during pauses in the video. They can be full screen, partial, or an overlay.

Interactive Elements ads

Some ads include interactive elements that allow viewers to engage with the content or make choices.

Survey ads

Survey ads are used on certain platforms to gauge metrics such as brand lift from a campaign. 

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Are CTV and OTT Effective Digital Marketing Strategies?

CTV and OTT is expected to grow by more than 60% in the coming years, according to projections from eMarketer.

As the shift from traditional cable, also known as Linear TV, to streaming services continues to happen, and as streaming services continue to roll out lower priced, ad-level tiers to their audiences, the number of consumers that  advertisers are able to reach will continue to grow. This growing audience can be targeted so advertisers are getting their message in front of the right people at the right time.

Where Will My Ad Show?

CTV and OTT advertising offers a variety of options to maximize your ROI on ad investment.

The specific placement options will vary based on the streaming service or platform you decide to use, as well as the advertising format you choose.

Linear TV, or traditional cable, allows advertisers to know the exact time their ad will run and on which program. However, Linear TV targeting often leaves a lot to chance, as the audience targeting is generally broad and somewhat of a guess.

CTV and OTT targeting on the other hand is very specific, allowing advertisers to speak directly to their target demographic. With CTV and OTT, you may not always know exactly where or what time your ad will play, but surely, it will be in front of the correct, specific audience. 

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CTV and OTT Advertising FAQ's:

CTV and OTT ads offer precise targeting options, allowing you to reach your specific audience. These ad options offer non-skippable ads, ensuring higher engagement, and provide access to streaming audiences who are focused when they tune in to their favorite programs. 

Each platform and device offers unique benefits and challenges. By working with Kinetic Sequence, we have the knowledge and experience that will help you align with your target audience and campaign goals to get results with your campaigns. 

The assets you will need to start advertising on CTV or OTT will vary, depending on the platform you choose. In general, you will need a creative (such as a :15 or :30 commercial) and a goal to which, you will align your campaign. Contact Kinetic Sequence to help get started with your next CTV or OTT campaign!

CTV and OTT Advertising Case Study

Goal: Maximize reach and get More Truck Accident Cases

Gruber Law Offices has been using Kinetic Sequence for almost 10 years for services such as PPC, website development, display, Youtube advertising, paid social, and consulting. With the decline in TV viewership, Kinetic setup a CTV and OTT campaign to increase the amount of truck accident sign ups for their law firm.

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