The Challenge

A Digital Shoebox is a photography equipment manufacturer that sells their products to professional photography stores. Their equipment, such as the Slidesnap Pro, digitizes 35mm slides at a much faster pace than any other competitor. 

Their products are extremely highly rated and loved by customers, however they were noticing that potential customers visiting their website were abandoning the shopping cart without making a purchase. Upon further investigation, we found that the branding and messaging about their products could be stronger and the checkout process was too complicated for their target audience.


The Solution

We created a wireframe to better show off their products as well as create a purchase flow that was simpler for their potential customers. After the wireframe was accepted, we built the website using WordPress and the e-commerce section using WooCommerce. Using custom integrations with their accounting and shipping software, we were able to streamline their process of handing and fulfilling customer orders. Our pre and post-launch checklist helped us maintain their strong SEO positions.

With the new WordPress website live, slidesnappro.com continues to see lower bounce rates, lower cart abandonment rates, and higher conversion rates.