The Challenge

Sapphire Advanced Aesthetics is a full-service cosmetic treatment center located near Minneapolis, MN. With the talented Dr. Smith and outstanding support staff, their business has successfully helped many who are in need of their services.

Though they were successful with helping their patients, getting qualified leads was a different story. Their previous marketing agency was creating too few leads at far too high of a price. They knew they had to try something new to increase their profitability.


The Solution

Like many of our campaigns, we started by creating new landing pages with Unbounce with intent to A/B test their performance. We began a Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook retargeting campaigns to drive traffic to our new landing pages.

After receiving enough data and obtaining positive results, we were able to increase conversions and leads further by getting more granular with our targeting. Some examples of our refined targeting include using separate messages for men and women, bidding on zip codes differently based on received data, and income targeting. As a result, for years we have continued to increase leads while decreasing the cost per lead.