Connected TV

With traditional TV viewers declining, Kinetic Sequence uses Connected TV to reach Gruber Law Offices target audience. We buy ads direct from publishers such as Hulu, Peacock, and ESPN and also run CTV ads on our advertising software Google DV360 to reach other publishers such as YouTubeTV, Tubi, SlingTV, Paramount+, and more.

We are able to run an efficent camapign with CPMs averaging around $20 which is much lower than most agencies are able to offer. We include day parting, frequency capping, and in-depth reporting. We also are able to provide reporting on how many people went to their website after seeing a Connected TV ad. 


Pay Per Click and Local Service Ads

Kinetic Sequence runs Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Google Local Service Ads for Gruber Law. The personal injury space is very compeititve which can make PPC campaigns very expensive. We use Google automated bidding strategies which helps us keep our cost per case down and maximize ROI for Gruber Law Office's ad budget.