The Challenge

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, attorney Edgar Snyder has appeared on television, over the radio, and in print for decades. Their strong branding and successful results for their clients has allowed them to grow to over 130 employees including a full in-house marketing department.

Television has been their most successful marketing medium for many years, but as television continues to change as a result of DVR and streaming platforms, the firm has begun to put more of a focus on digital marketing. It was important for the firm to not only see results from their digital campaigns, but also for their internal marketing team to gain a better understanding of all digital products, the reporting that comes with it, and gauging the success of their online presence.


The Solution

Edgar Snyder & Associates called Kinetic Sequence to have Eric Huhn come out to Pittsburgh, and spend time working with the marketing department on their online advertising campaigns. This included an in-depth review with the team to review their online marketing mediums such as Pay Per Click, SEO, OTT, and other forms of programatic video that reach a cable-cutting audience. Working together, Eric and the team were able to find areas of improvement that would generate more leads and lower their online cost per case.

After reviewing the firm’s current ad campaigns, Kinetic Sequence introduced new areas online to invest in where they were potentially missing sign ups. In addition, Kinetic Sequence wanted to increase their internal capability so they trained the firm’s marketing team to setup targeted YouTube TrueView campaigns in-house that they could run themselves without going to an outside agency.