The Challenge

Bloomington Transit, who recently launched a new mobile-friendly website that can help riders get from A to B more easily, needed a way to advertise their new website on a budget. Bloomington has a population of over 85,000 people, many who don’t use public transportation, so they wanted to make sure every advertising dollar they spent got in front of their target market.


The Solution

Keeping their budget in mind, we wanted to use the most cost-effective platform to advertise their new commercials to potential riders such as college students and those who have shown interest in public transportation in the past. With the powerful targeting capabilities of Facebook, we created numerous highly targeted video campaigns that ran across Facebook and Instagram to potential bus riders in Bloomington.

In addition to our demo targeting, we A/B tested different ad sets that included video ads that went straight to their website and ads that used Facebook native landing pages. We then optimized each campaign to run the best performing ads to obtain the best ROI. Upon completion, we were able to engage 1000s of people that can use their service on a very limited budget.