In a world where people are becoming numb to advertising and marketing messages, engagement is more important than ever. One of the best ways to increase engagement on your digital marketing platforms is through interactive content. By driving engagement through your content, consumers develop positive memories and experiences with your company. This puts your brand at the top of their mind for present and future purchase. Using this as a strategy puts you ahead of your competition and increases profitability for your company long term. Here are five of my favorite types of interactive content that can get your brand the engagement it needs to succeed.

1. Polls & Quizzes

Many platforms have made it possible for companies to ask their consumers questions about their opinions, wants, needs, and more through interactive content. This is commonly done among social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. On these platforms posts can contain easily clickable poll options. They also provide an opportunity to share a link to quizzes which can provide more in-depth information to help companies better understand their consumers.

What’s the difference?
  • Polls are typically only one question and require less interaction from the consumer.

  • Quizzes are more in-depth ways to gain information that require more interaction from the consumer. These are also presented as a fun activity or game in which they place the consumer into a category or given a recommendation at the end.

2. Contests

Contests are another form of interactive content that consumers find value in. The general idea behind it is that consumers have a chance to win a prize either by chance or by gaining the most points in a competition. The rules of these contests are up to you and should be structured in a way that helps you achieve your business goals. This could include collecting contact information for a newsletter or increasing brand awareness on a social media platform.

Examples of Contests
  • Raffles and Sweepstakes require people to enter a contest in which a winner is chosen randomly. This can be centered around collecting information, driving sales, or any other action you consider valuable that meets your goal for the contest.

  • Competitions are often designed like a game. This would require you to track the points that people earn by performing a predetermined set of actions. At the end of the game, the person with the most points is the winner and gets the prize.

3. Interactive Infographics

Using infographics as interactive content is a great option for a company website. These infographics go a step beyond the typical graphs people use to create an image that moves, reacts, and redirects the consumer to the information they are looking for.

Examples of Interactive Infographics
  • Maps can be useful when representing information about different areas. Set up the location marker to bring the consumer to a web page with information about the location they selected.

  • Questions can be useful to show statistics. Once the consumer selects an answer more information will be revealed along with the correct answer to the question.

  • Cards can show an image on the front and flip when clicked on to show more information on the back. This draws the consumer in with an eye catching image and then tells them more about the item that caught their eye.

More information about inforgraphics can be found here.

4. Interactive Emails

Email marketing has been used for a long time but using interactive content in emails is the way of the future. Creating eye catching images that drive consumers to click through is the goal and there are many different ways to achieve it.

Examples of Interactive Emails
  • Gifs are a great way to catch a consumer’s attention with an image that moves. When people want more information on what it is talking about, simply clicking on it will take them to the ideal landing page on the website.

  • Videos are a great way to share information with consumers, however, they can take up space and have longer load times. By linking the video in an email, people can click through to watch it directly from the website where space and load time are much easier issues to address.

This article has more information about the content on the infographic.

5. Interactive Video

Video is one of the best tools marketing has, but interactive video takes that a step farther by filling the video with interactive content points. This can provide your customer with more information where and when they need it.

Interactive Video Features
  • Hotspots are parts of the video where an advertiser provides a link for the consumer to click and learn more or be taken to a specific landing page on the website.

  • Polls and Questions can also be embedded into a video to provide the company with more information about the consumer.

Conclusion: Start Using Interactive Content To Increase Engagement

There are many ways to incorporate interactive content into your daily marketing activities. These tactics are a great starting point to increase engagement among consumers. Start using interactive content today and keep your business a step ahead.