Firm Growth Since Using PPC


Increase In PPC Sign Ups


Years Of PPC Management

About The Project

The Challenge


The Law Brothers, based in Beverly Hills, are in an extremely competitive industry (personal injury law). Not only is it competitive, but it’s also extremely expensive compared to other industries. Cost per click in California for a personal injury lawyers can range anywhere from $100-$500 depending on the keyword.


With their previous PPC vendor, there was no transparency with what happened with their spend. No cost per case, no cost per lead, just cost per click which made ROI on PPC next to impossible. The agency also combined their brand reporting with non-brand reporting, which is an extremely inefficient way of analyzing a PPC campaign.

Solving The Problem

The Solution


We initially setup campaigns targeting long tail keyword that helped get low cost per sign ups. After having the campaign data from months of running personal injury ads throughout California, we were able to run experiments with using Google automated bidding strategies. After finding the right formula for The Law Brothers, we were able to expand the campaign and be more aggressive across the entire state.

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