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Cost Per Completed View


Video Completion Rate

About The Project

The Challenge


Gruber Law Offices is a personal injury law firm located in Wisconsin. Owner David Gruber has been advertising on television for over 30 years. Gruber Law has been one of the most recognizable brands in Milwaukee as a result of their presence on television as well as  live sports.


With the emergence of streaming platforms, traditional TV viewership has been declining for years. As a result, Gruber Law’s reach to potential clients was also declining. They needed a new way to reach cord-cutters in Wisconsin.

Solving The Problem

The Solution


Kinetic Sequence began running Connected TV ad campaigns for Gruber Law to reach an audience who no longer watches traditional television. We focused serving ads only on premium inventory including Hulu, Roku’s most watched apps, and YouTube on televisions. With ads coming in at $.03 per completed view, we consistently are getting over 3 million impressions each month in Wisconsin.

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